This scholarship is open to active members of the Didsbury Agricultural Society or their immediate family.  An active member will be considered to be any member who attends meetings and who helps, if possible, during the Didsbury Fair and Rodeo; or, the potential recipient helps at the Didsbury Fair and Rodeo who has an active member as immediate family.  Scholarships will be awarded a maximum of two times to any one recipient.  The amount of the scholarship will be up to $1000.00.  No more than $4000.00 will be awarded in scholarships by the Ag Society in any one year, or be outstanding at any one time.


Acceptance of this scholarship is considered permission for the Didsbury Agricultural Society to post and publish the recipients name and picture.



Redemption of Approved Scholarships:


Approved scholarships must be redeemed within the Ag Society's fiscal year (November 1 through October 31).  Any approved scholarships not redeemed within the fiscal year for which it was approved, will be considered null and void and the recipient will have to reapply for the next fiscal year.


Download Scholarship Form.

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